Artists: Paula van Coller Louw

Paula van Coller Louw began her artistic career in the year 2000, after successfully completing her Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art at the University of the Free State. 

Paula's artistic oeuvre is deeply rooted in her fascination with the botanical realm. Her work serves as a medium through which she processes and communicates her observations of the emotions that colour human existence, from joy to sorrow. Her art is a poignant reflection of the human experience, using plants, flowers, and bulbs as symbols to convey the essential themes of adaptation, change, conformity, and flourishing.

Throughout her career, Paula has showcased her work in numerous exhibitions, including five solo exhibitions and over 50 group exhibitions. 

One of the defining characteristics of Paula's work is her affinity for oil paint. She has developed a profound connection with this medium, appreciating the slow drying process that allows her to layer intricate details onto her canvases.

Today, Paula van Coller-Louw resides in Stellenbosch with her family. 

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