Artists: Kobus La Grange

Kobus La Grange was born in 1982 and studied a B-tech in Fine and Applied Arts at the Tshwane University of Technology, majoring in Sculpture and Ceramic Design. 

His work discusses and enquires the human experience through the ordinary, and not the grandiose, ostensible gesture which is abundant in contemporary society. 

'I often work from memory, the subjective and incomplete offer up many avenues of freedom; however it is not a way of escaping accurate observation and objective reasoning. It is a starting point.'

'I enjoy manipulating the relative values of material, transforming discards into something new, working with things that have become obsolete at some point in their existence and incorporating them as material into something relevant. This for me is a workable way of protest against the banality of the "throw-away" culture that is Consumerism; our default existence at present.'

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"3 Friends - Male, study for bronze"