Artists: Juanita Oosthuizen

Juanita Oosthuizen was born in Calvinia and grew up in the Cape Platteland. From an early age she experimented creatively with paper, cloth and plastic - questioning, directing, observing - never settling for that which she found aesthetically displeasing.

In the 1990's she joined a corporate gifts company and was responsible for their packaging design. During this time, and after visiting Europe, she discovered sheet polypropylene and used it successfully in packaging. In 1998, she started her own company (Pepper Plum Designs), manufacturing and designing for corporate and retail markets using mainly PVC and sheet polypropylene. Her designs included stationery and household items, and she regularly exhibited new designs and products with Design Indaba. 

Since 2013, she has been working as a professional artist under the name "J by Juanita" and creating minimalist works, capturing time and its experience. 

"My work varies from playful to serious and emotional, with the subject matter telling a story through the body language or interaction of the figurines. I create a space for the spectator to make his or her own interpretation." 

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