Artists: Jaco Benade

Jaco Benade is an accomplished South African oil painter, currently based in Port Elizabeth. He started his art career in 1992 when he studied fine arts at the Technikon of Pretoria, while already having a background in architecture and graphic design.

His sensitive portrait and landscape studies are much sought-after, not only for their visual beauty but also for their fine artistic qualities. Benade's radiant style of oil painting positively glows, as he draws his viewer into the work to explore the many subtle complexities of emotion. To create his distinctive works Benade uses portrait photography that he has collected over the years as a starting point and a guide, and then imposes new thoughts and experiences onto these portraits.


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"Girl in the Sun"
"Boereseun II"
"Boereseun III"
"Girl with grey sweater"
"Mossie III"