Artists: Talitha Deetlefs

Talitha gained an appreciation for art as a form of self-expression as a young introverted child. She matriculated with a distinction in painting and printmaking in Johannesburg in 1998. She attended the Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria where she majored in painting and printmaking.

She relocated to Cape Town and subsequently set about a career in the film industry as a scenic painter and faux artist. it was during this time that she developed a keen interest in the sculpture. Deetlefs soon abandoned painting and accepted a position at an art foundry in Stellenbosch, which was to be a catalyst for her sculpting career. 

Each sculpture in my collection embodies an aspect of my Self, an aspect of which I was mostly unaware at the time of creating the work.  If you had asked me a couple years ago about the subject matter of my work I would probably have given you an intellectual answer relating to feminism and how I hoped to inspire other women.  I was not in touch with my body or my emotional life and I did not anticipate the journey of awakening and self-discovery that lay ahead of me.

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"Shield V"