Artists: Susan Grundlingh

Born in Cape Town in 1952, Susan studied at Michaelis Art School UCT, art and ceramics at Technikon Bloemfontein and UNISA.

She worked as a ceramic artist and lecturer for 25 years before embarking on a full time career as painter. She was a selector for the Absa L'Atelier Art Competition, Vuleka Art Awards and Corobrick National Ceramic Biennale. She spent three-month-residencies twice at the Cite des Arts in Paris, France.

Susan had 9 solo exhibitions and participated in several group shows in South Africa and abroad. Her portrait entry was one of the finalists selected for the first Sanlam Portrait Awards and exhibited at various galleries throughout South Africa.

She now lives and works in Gordons Bay and on her farm in the Klein Karoo.

"My work has been concerned with belonging and displacement for some time. In recent years there has been a shift from displacement to place, as I became aware that my love for plants is the place where I feel grounded.

Place and land has always been an emotionally loaded subject. Our South African landscape is drenched in history of displacement and ongoing land confrontation. On canvas as on battlegrounds, land was laid claim to, demarcated and divided. Only the sky and plants defied all ownership.

These plants have adapted in sometimes harsh environments with an abundance of shapes and colour. I zoom in on recognisable areas and with strong contrast of light and shadow, I try to reach a tangible three dimensionality. This close observation reveals a new universe of abstract for and pattern.

With these obsessive plant studies, I hope to convey something about the phycological space and issues beyond these deceptively plain indigenous plants. Will tehy endure the growing threats of mankind on their environment in future?"
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