Artists: Lehlogonolo Mashaba

Mashaba was born in the Kwa-Thema Township on the East Rand of Gauteng, South Africa. He began his art career by studying visual art at Funda Centre in 2003 and grew fond of printmaking which led him to study at and graduate from Artist Proof Studio (2004 - 2006) with NQF level 5 qualification in design in printmaking. He also holds a Diploma in Interior Decoration (2007) from Intec College.

Lehlogonolo’s artworks focus on issues and elements of identity that contemplate what constitutes the “beingness” of something and the behaviours in relation to time, space and memory.

"I have always felt learning has been labour-some and slow process to grasp on hence I use text to construct/deconstruct my figures (myself). In that case I combine different information and words from different texts source most especially the Bible as it is to me the ultimate source of knowledge yet the most ambiguous. I swop around the body and text, having text on the body and using text to create bodies\figures.

We as human beings are a product of what we eat (food/words)."

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"Markings of Belonging III"
"Markings of Belonging II"