Artists: Johan Theron

Johan Theron is a mixed-media artist from Cape Town, South Africa. His journey in the arts started in 1981, while pursuing a BA in Fine Arts at the University of Stellenbosch. He has exhibited widely, and his work has been taken up in numerous collections. He has continued to create and periodically re-invent the work that he produces over the decades. Not afraid to take daring leaps and re-define his artistic output, much like the changing of the seasons and the migration that follows it, each manifestation of his artwork has a distinct and period-specific character.

In his early years, his work primarily took the form of wood-and linocuts, having been taught and greatly inspired by the late Cecil Skotnes. Following this period in his life, his work then gravitated to that of mixed-media paintings and finally – following a brief hiatus – as of late, a dynamic expression of sculpture. 

Although he has widely adapted his artwork and expression, one motif that has always cut to the heart of his work and has remained resolute throughout, is his childlike fascination with birds and their representation of freedom. As a consequence, buried within virtually every piece, one finds a remnant of this avian adoration – a golden thread that ties the body of his artwork together as a coherent whole.

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"Tussen Stasies"
"Bird Watching"
"Sweet Conversation"
"Kaaimans Female Sugarbird"
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