Artists: Hanneke Benade

Hanneke has an enduring quietness about her. Like a clear pool in a hidden mountain kloof, she calmly and quietly reflects the world around her.

Her observations of the people that share her world are exquisitely rendered in pastel, which she has translated into print with these sublime images. Her application of drawing materials on the plates has resulted in an almost powdery feeling that one gets from chalk pastels. Hanneke's figures seem contained and content but on closer examination reveal an underlying tautness and tension.

She offers little in the way of interpretation and as a viewer, one is forced to examine the images in terms of one's own references. Her work is particularly female, confident and at times subversive.

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"Gaze" - Unframed
"No more bobby pins"
"Tied in a bow" - Unframed
"Step 2"
"Step 5"