Artists: Catherine Brennon

‘My vision as an Artist has always been to make beautiful items to give pleasure and contribute to the positive side of life. Connecting with people through my work is of primary importance and motivation in my work.

Living in Hermanus, between the sea and the mountains, has had a definite impact on my work. Nature continues to be my biggest source of inspiration and these aspects of my life are ever present in both my paintings and my ceramic work.’

Catherine Brennon is a ceramic artist working mainly in Earthenware clay. She has worked full time as a potter since 1998 and has a 3 year Diploma in Ceramics (1979) and a B.Tech Ceramics Degree (2003). Catherine ran a successful teaching studio in Johannesburg for 5 years before moving to KZN for 10 years, to create a unique ceramic and photographic gallery with her photographer husband, Lawrance Brennon.


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"Succulent - Ice plant"
"Small Protea - Pink centre"
"Small Protea - Yellow centre"
"Tall Protea"